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Hello again!


I was wondering how I can get the reaction forces at the restraints. I can't seen to find the right query and result components for this. Is it supported?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Michael,


Thanks a lot for the post, it's always great get requests and suggestions from users.

If you download today's build of the plugin from you'll find two new components, one to extract reaction forces and the other to extract the reaction moments.


If you've other ideas or requirements, I look forward to hearing them.  One aspect I'll add soon is a way to identify the location of the maxima/minima of the set.







As usual, it works beautifully! I noticed the name of the data is incorrect, I suppose it is a minor fix (see attachment). (I use one solver and cull the right data).


Also, I have been meaning to ask: When I try to change the section type in the <sdrCP> component, Rhino crashes after stating I need to obtain a license. But I already have a license which I applied together with the SSI for GSA license. Is this a bug? What should I do?

Again, thanks a million for your help. My thesis is coming along nicely. I hope to upload a video on how SSI helps the project in the next week!



Hi Michael,


Glad to hear the license issue is resolved.  Thanks again for the report, the next build I will upload later today adds some more information to the result label you have identified.


I do advise having a single solver and either culling, or using list indexing to extract different results.  Multiple solvers will slow down the process by duplicating the model exchange efforts.


I look forward to seeing the tools applied to your thesis.


Cheers,  Jon






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