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Dear experts,

I'm quite new with Grasshopper so forgive me if my question is obvious. For my bachelor thesis I am trying to build a Gh parameterized model for a simple hypar surfaces, at the same time I want to include a form finding parameterized template.

I know it is possible with Kangaroo, my plan is to try build the form finding template using StructDrawRhino and Kangaroo and compare the output.   

Using SDR I tried to use the ggforcedensityrelax option, however is it possible to add pre-stress in the mesh? 
If this is not possible, does anyone has a solution/idea to build a form finding template?

Thanx in advance!!!!


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I cannot help you to answer your actual question but you could take a look at Rhino-Membrame.

thnx for the tip Arnem, I already have Rhino membrane and at the end of my thesis the plan is to compare the three different outputs of the programs. 

SDR has pretty simple controls and functionality.  Given some time to concentrate on this I would add it to this (or to Egret).  But I've been avoiding "reinventing wheels" and have to date concentrated enabling existing advanced attributes in commercial solvers like GSA, SAP or Sofistik (amongst others).  If you have access (particularly to GSA) you can certainly nominate prestress and lack of fit to linear and 2d elements.

As an aside, I've started discussing the possibility of a Grasshopper interface to Rhino Membrane so stay tuned for progress on this.

If you have access to any of the structural solvers I've links for, let me know which one and I'll try to apply it to your model (if possible).



Dear Jon,

I understand the idea of not reinventing the wheel again. I already thought about the GSA solver, however at the company I'm doing my thesis they don't have GSA. Only Scia, but as far as I know Scia doesn't have a form finding possibility.

I don't know if you have some link with Easy from technet, specialised in membrane structures? 
My goal is to create a parameterized hypar surface model + form finding template in Gh to use in the early design stage, since it is working really fast. And later when the design is final export the founded geometry towards Easy to calculate and create the cutting patterns.  

The plug in of Rhino membrane sounds very interesting! I hope it is possible to keep me posted about this plug in. 

Thanx, Wouter


Are you by any chance Dutch? (I'd say so judging by your name). If you are a student at the Eindhoven university of technology, there is a license for GSA. I'm not sure about Delft, but I can't imagine them not having a license.

Maybe this helps,


Dear Micheal, 

Yep I'm Dutch, currently I'm a student at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. As far as I know we don't have a GSA license at the HRO. Thanks for the tip! 







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