algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hey am trying to build a structurally stable tensegrity tower that is made up of environmently responsive units, any suggestions or definitions that might help?

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Hi, I'm studying subjects like tensegrity, Light-weight structures and parametric designing as well. You might find my thesis video's interesting:


Can you explain what you mean with 'environmently responsive units'?


Hope it helps,


hey ,my project is a skyscraper made of tensegrity units that change as if growing or adapting to the sun light , so am trying to change the height of the struts and test if the structure staus stable under this certain change. therefore am computing the stability of the structure under certain changes in the height a i said and therefore in the degree of orientation 

can u help me set up a stability test that would calculate these changes



the variables would be the height of the rod , the thickness of them and the live & dead load 

constants would be the base dimensions 

changes affect the tension in the network


A tensegrity skyscraper seems an interesting idea, I’m certainly interested in finding out how this could work, so in any case, please keep me (us) posted.

Is it possible for you to make a drawing of what you would like to build? Which type of tensegrity will you base the model on (i.e. three struts (simplex), four struts, and so forth)?

I won’t be able to help you set up your model. I simply don't have the time. However, if you have specific tensegrity related questions, post them here, and I’ll try to shed some light on the issues.

By the way, what is your architectural background? Are  you an architect or a structural engineer?



hey ,

i posted some photos of wat i have in mind and how i got inspired by the body skeletal system including the tendons and muscles, actually thats how i got to learn about tensegrity,i also posted a rhino file that i should start working skyscraper is a three strut. Am a third year architecture student . I take computational design ,and i took a course in parametric design as well. I dunno if my idea is too complicated but its surely conceptual

give me few minutes cuz uploading them takes time







hiii , can u please explain to me how u used oasys for the structural analysis , can u please send me some parts of the definition that might help me 

That's a very broad question, can you be more specific?

I cannot help you with building your definition, I simply don't have the time.








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