algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I have been practicing Michael van Telgen's intruduction guide.

I was just following the his algorithm and I finished, but I met a problem.

Michael's result of solver have three results : shear force, Moment, Node displacement.

But In my result, there is only one that is node displacement. 

Though I compared these two algorithm several times, I could not find what the problem is.

Can anyone help me...??

And I was wandering that what is the differences between ssi components and ggGsa components. Michael's Algorithm have ssi~~ components, but It is not in my grasshopper components. so I should have used ggGsa~~ components.

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Hi Kim,

If I remember correctly, those Fx, Fy, etc boxes are booleans. Try setting those to true and you may get the results you want.

Unfortunately, I wrote those video's manay years ago and things have changed a bit since.

Otherwise Jon will surely be able to help you.


oh thank you for your help~

I solve the problem by your favor~






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