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Do StructDrawRhino v0.8.28 and ssiIFC v0.4.26 compatible with Grasshopper 0.8.0066?


I have downloaded the latest version of these two GeometryGym plugins for grasshopper. I clicked both .msi file but no windows popped up for telling me a successful installation. There's no sign of these plugins in the grasshopper interface.

My environment is Rhino 5.0 released on 2012/2/7 and Grasshopper 0.8.0066.

Is there something I missed or do I have to revert back to 0.8.0053 to use these plugins?



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I've never seen a window telling me of a successful installation either. Maybe Jon could add that feature in the future... So this doesn't say much about installation.

You can try typing anything into the Rhino command line starting with "ssi". I think that will indicate whether anything is installed at all. If installed correctly, a new tab in Grasshopper should be available. This is called "GeomGym"

When updating ssi or structdraw, I usually close rhino beforehand. Have you tried that?

I'm using Rhino 4 SR9 with grasshopper 0.8.0066.

Hi Jerome and Michael,

No news is good news with the installer, but I'll take a look at a message box (I need to check for companies deploying the plugin this isn't a nuisance).

The plugins are compatible with Rhino v5 and GH 0.8.0066 but the installer isn't really tuned for Rhino v5 yet (it will be the official version supported with it is an official release).  

If the plugin does not seem to have loaded in Rhino v5 (particularly 64 bit), then locate the plugin folder 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\SSI (or something akin to this) and drag and drop all .rhp files over the rhino v5 application window.  There is a new StructDrawRhino command sdrLoadToolbars that should ensure all toolbars are loaded.

Let me known if this doesn't help.







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