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Hi everyone!


I have been experimenting with Jon's very useful plug-ins.


I have found both the node load and settlement load components, but I'm trying to locate the applied node displacement component in the SSI for GSA. Is this already supported in SSI?


What I would like to do is to simulate prestension in my models via node displacement.


I have included the file that I am working on in the attachment. The relevant stuff is in the bottom right next to the "<-- node displacement" panel.


Can anyone help?


Also, I was wondering if there are tutorials or documents for beginners like me to learn how to use SSI?



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Hi Michael,


Thanks for the question, glad you're finding the tools useful.  If you can download the latest GSA plugin from and try the attached definition.  I implemented a new loading component for node displacements (which should be applied to unrestrained nodes), but in your case your nodes are restrained, so you need to apply a settlement (which was already there, but was only accepting a list of nodes previously).  


I had to adjust element type to beams (I added some releases to minimise induced flexure) to get linear static analysis to run, your load case suggests you're intending non linear for bars but I didn't try that.  Do you know you can generate the non-linear task from Grasshopper?


Hope it helps,





Hi Jon,


Thanks again for your valuable help! I was wondering if it could be done with the settlement component, but when I tried, the component colored orange. I'm not exactly sure what the problem was, I've been unable to recreate that error. (it was probably what you say about it only accepting a list of nodes). It works exactly like I want now! :D

I'm not sure if you know, but applied node displacements are possible in GSA even when the nodes are restrained.

I have noticed some other things when using your software. Maybe I can help you by sending any problems I find with the software? Just let me know and I will be very happy to help you in return! :)

Also, I had the idea to upload a video clip on how I use your program for my thesis. Do I need your permission to show this on Youtube?



Hi Michael,


Yes, the previous orange component would relate to the change I made for associated nodes.

The node displacements to restrained nodes must be a change in the past two years (unless my memory is failing me).


I encourage and welcome you to post as many images, videos etc as you are happy to do so.  And please also post or email any issues that arise.  Development of new features is rapid and quick, the time consuming part is testing and identifying issues, so the more help i get with this the better.










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