algorithmic modeling for Rhino

post here if you encounter any problems !!!

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hi to,


my naked edge tool is on the wrong place....


best benjamin 

have a problem by meshedit tool. when i try to open grasshopper, in rhino appears a loading error window.
i think that i make something wrong?
gh:0.8.0004, meshedit_1.0.7.0

can you help me?

thanks rassul

Hi Rassul

please make sure you have meshedit.gha only in C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components or if you have a 32bit C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components folder. If you use, which i would recommend, C:\Users\"YOUR USERNAME"\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries it should work fine (you can also acess this folder if you take a look at file/special folder/component folder inside grasshopper)


best to]

hi thomas,


i have a 32 bit, and i save meshedit.gha in C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components folder.

dosen't work. grrr....


Hi Rassul


you have a outdated meshedit, please download the new one!

the date must be 27/10/2010




Hi Guys,


Is Mesh Edit not loading with Rhino 5?

Geco is there but mesh edit only appears on Rhino 4 in my computer...


All the best,



Hi to,

Thanks for sharing your MeshEdit tool.  I'm having a problem downloading.  I downloaded the zip file from, and also created an account on box, but when I try to extract Windows is saying that the zip file is empty.  I attached the file I downloaded for reference.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.




I was able to download MeshEdit from your Google group.  Not sure why the file on was empty, but thanks again for sharing.

ever since i have loaded the meshedit tool, this pop-up appears every time i load grasshopper. Needless to say, the Meshedit tools will not work for me. Help!

Hi Sarah,

sorry for replying late, have been on travel.

The error message tells me that you have a grasshopper verson older than 0.7

The version you installed is working for 0.8.0052

maybe you can update GH or dl the older meshedit version



have a problem by MeshEdit tool. i just download the new one, when i open grasshopper, find out i can't see the MeshEdit tool icon, only the tool name.

can you help me?  thanks 

 meshedit Version:     gh: 0.8.0007  



Hi KaiYun,

it seems to me that this is due to the change to GH 0.8.0052

can you update? i will check on my system if that is the case







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