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post here if you encounter any problems !!!

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Hi uto,

Have been using your Geco plug-in -- really useful thanks.
Question -- When calculating EcoLightCal the calculator in Ecotect starts, revealing various hues of color, but the moment the calculation ends it all goes blue. What can this mean?

Dear Ognek
thanks for your comments about Geco, we are really happy to hear that!
I tried several test-cases with wrong user-inputs but i never could recreate your problem!
Maybe you can post your files ?

best to]

To, Fabian,

Thank you very much.



Hey Fabian,

Is it possible to do this directly in Geco?




Hi guys,
Are Insolation values dependent on specific dates or are they yearly values?
Many thanks,
Hi Arthur

To be a useful design tool, daylight factor values are generally calculated using a standard overcast sky illuminance distribution in order to represent a WORST-CASE SCENARIO to be designed for. This means that they will not change with different dates or times and, as the overcast sky model only varies with altitude, will not be affected by rotating the North point. This makes them a property of the design itself, not the local environment. Thus, the only parameters that affect daylight fators are the geometry of the design and the materials it is made of.
Thanks a lot to] !
There might be a little confusion, I was talking about Insolation(EcoSolCal component) not Daylight factor, are these values similar ?
Hi Arthur

sorry for the confusion, solar impact is defined threw day and time-period which you can set accordingly to your needs (domain components)

Dear Uto,


Having a strange issue with baking colors. 

As you can see on the screenshot I followed Geco_SolarAccessAnalysis_GH08 but cannot manage in the end to bake the mesh colors.  Regardless of the surface geometry I associate in the beginning the result becomes white.  The view style is rendering mode as well. 

Any thoughts?





Hi Ognek

i never come across this problem,....mmmmm

please try baking the MCol component,... and also try one time with the right click menu and one time with the egg button 



Dear All,


Is there a reason why when calculating the interior insolation of an object, the floor shows levels of insolation even though there aren't any openings on the object for light to get in.  Please see attached images.




please post defintion and 3dm.file






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