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I just installed Rhino5 + GH on my Laptop. (Rhino4 + GH + Firefly is still on the Laptop as well)
I am having difficulties to install Firefly on Rhino5 +GH.
The Firefly gha file and libTUIO.dll file are located in Rhino5 → Grasshopper → File → Special folders → Components folder.
Any suggestion regarding installation of Firefly on Rhino5 ?

Amir Gazit   :)

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Hi Amir,

I'm not sure why you are having difficulties running Firefly on Rhino 5.0.  I have it installed on my machine and it seems to be working fine.  I'm running Rhino 5.0 (64-bit) and have the Firefly.gha and libTUIO.dll loaded in the special folders just as you mentioned.  Are you running the 32-bit version (I'm not sure if this would have an impact of not)?  Have you followed these instructions on setting up your Rhino 5 (


Hi Andy,
Yes I followed these instructions, GH for Rhino5 (64bit) works perfect, as well as Ghowl, Kangaroo, Geco and WB.
I am not sure what am I doing wrong...?
(I finally got 6 servos and an adequate power supply (I hope!? 5v 15A) and I am looking forward to test the new toys.....)
So, you got Firefly working on Rhino 5? or no?

Hi Andy,
No, I didn’t get Firefly to work on Rhino5 yet.

Hi Amir,

I'm still trying to figure out exactly why this isn't working on Rhino 5.  I think it could be because Firefly 1.005 was using .NET 2.0 framework but I've since switched to 3.5.  I think Rhino 5 might need to have .NET 4.0 framework to work (although I'm not completely sure).  I have the WIP progress version of all the new stuff I've been working on for the next release and it seems to have installed fine in Rhino 5 on my machine.  But, I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to release this next version (hopefully within another month or two).  There are a lot of new features and improvements, so I'm excited about the next release... I just want to try to debug as much as possible so it doesn't cause any errors on other machines.


Hi Andy,


Have you solved this mystery yet? Firefly works fine for me with Rhino4 SR9 but in Rhino5 I lose several components including serial read...

My goal is to connect firefly to paneling tools in Gh.


Thanks for your effort!



Just jumping on the bandwagon.  Yeah, I'd love to retain the firefly data logging component in R5.

Hi Brent and Nathan,

Are you guys still having trouble installing Firefly for Rhino 5?  There is a note in the installation folder about unchecking a box in the properties of each of the GHA files to have them be recognized by Rhino 5.  Please have a look and let me know if this fixes your issue, as I have had no problems working with Firefly in Rhino 5 on my machine.

Note: the computer vision tools only work on Rhino 5.0 32-bit (and Rhino 4).  This is a known issue because the C_sawapan_media.dll hasn't been compiled yet for 64-bit applications.  We're working on this and hope to release a fix soon.






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