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Hey There. 
A quick question: is there any way to synch Arduino/Firefly with HAL?
I have a tool attached to my robot arm and I kinda manually control it through Arduino. I need to use Firefly to parametrically and maybe in almost real time (if possible) control the tool.
How I can use I/O in the controller?

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Do you have a serial card in the controller, also what RobotWare version are you running? 

You can use serial or digital i/o to trigger a routine, which can take your data and deliver some kind of output.  If you can provide more details about what kind of signals control what kind of tool etc. that would be great! 

There's just too many ways to achieve an outcome and it really depends on what the specifics of your setup are and how you are delivering the code to your controller...

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm using RobotWare 6.08. I can send and receive signals from/through the controller. (I/O module DSQC652). The Digital output signal has 24V current for True and 1.5V for False. I don't know how to use it in Arduino!

I'm manually controlling a stepper motor through a digital driver(Stepperonline-DM860T) for 3D printing. I wanna be able to control it in Firefly, along with the other robotic plugin.

I might also need to control a pneumatic system. (If that matters in this step)

Thank you for your time.






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