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 I have controlled servo motor  with firefly lately but i couldnt find any way to control stepper motor through it...

The (Attach Files) is the way I control one servo motor in arduion with firefly.

Is there any solution that i can control stepper motor  there speed/angle  through sliders.Please help me to write firefly and how to connect motors with arduino ~  thanks 

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Hi Ali-Huang,

Have you looked at the stepper example file? You'll find all of the Firefly examples under MyDocuments/Firefly/Examples... and the file you may want to review is  

thanks you Andy~

I understand how to control one stepper motor,but I do not know how to control multiple stepper motors by slider with firefly.


I can control 4 stepper with uno board,but how to write more than 4 value if I want to control more 4 stepper with mega board,because the instruction(quad stepper motor setup) only have 4 import 

thanks you

U didn't meet the port error when many stepper run at the same time ? 

Hi Andy.. Does Firefly operate step motors only with easy drivers and quad boards, not with ULN 2003A for example?

the uln board is lighting up showing that it received the signal! but the motor does not move !






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