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How to control 3 servo and 3 stepper motor at the same time?


In the firefly Is it possible to control 3 servo and 3 stepper motor at the same time ?And in the arduino should I open firefly_ Firmata  or firefly_quadstepper?

For example :

stepper 1  - Dir To Arduino Pin 2; Stp To Arduino Pin 3
stepper 2  - Dir To Arduino Pin 4; Stp To Arduino Pin 5
stepper 3  - Dir To Arduino Pin 6; Stp To Arduino Pin 7
servo    1  - pmw To Arduino Pin 8
servo    2  - pmw To Arduino Pin 9
servo    3  - pmw To Arduino Pin 10

thanks ~

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At the moment, the quad stepper functionality has not been merged with the standard Firefly firmata.  So, in order to do this with a single Arduino board, you would need to modify either of the Arduino sketches to incorporate the functionality of the other.  Alternatively, you could use two Arduino boards.  One could control the servos (using the standard Firefly Firmata) and the other the steppers (using the Quad Stepper sketch).  This is probably the easiest solution if you have access to an extra Arduino.

It is working thanks a lot Andy :)






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