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Hi Theo,

I have modelled up a simple site with some sounds in different locations. In the attached files I am trying play the 'Urban' and 'Birds' sounds, however when I go to simulate the sounds in the Esquissons program only 1 sound appears to play.

I have also tried to import my own sound .wav files but still face the same problem. I have attached my Rhino and Grasshopper files. If you could help out with anything I'm doing wrong here, that would be of great help.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Adam for this report, it looks like a bug coming from the external application (Esquissons.exe); but I've never encountered this bug -intuitively it looks like it's related to the new shuffle function that would generate a bug when reading some sources - . If you move the source or use the Lock/unlock it doesn't change anything? 
Another solution might be to use the "source option" component and try a random playback and then switch back to continuous playback. On my side I'll look at your file and I'll come back to tell you what I found.

Hi Theo, I just got the sounds to work.

Problem: I realised the error occurs, if the software is already open and running and then a new sound is plugged in.

Solution: The solution on my end was to close the software, then relaunch it and then recompute Grasshopper. All plugged in sounds work perfectly after this, and the "source option" component functions are also working (see attached image).Working%20Example.PNG

Also, this same error would occur if a 'Sound Source' location was moved while the software is running. 

Thank you Adam, 

Sorry for the late answer, I haven't had a single free moment to look into your problem in detail! It looks like a bug associated with the external application... The solution you've found is really not ideal for work flow, I'm sorry about that. I'll try to fix the problem; I'll come back I hope with good news very soon !

Hi Theo,

I hope you are well. I am just wondering if you were able to look into the problem mentioned above.

Kind regards,







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