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Hello everyone!
With the release of the third major update, I thought it would be a good idea to have a better place to exchange.
So here's the EsquisSons group!

Esquissons is a plugin for grasshopper linked to a standalone app which aims to help you design with sound ! 

it is basically a tool to hear what you sketch and to design according to this sound feedback. The aim here is to use sound as a building material from the early stages of sketching and not to simulate an extremely accurate final rendering. 

The software interaction between sound and parametric space modeling is embodied in a 3D sketch modeled in Grasshopper and an acoustic sketch in a stand-alone application developed on MAXMSP, interactively connected to each other. Thus, the program is developed as an auralization tool rather than a calculation tool. It is indeed a question of being able to sketch a sound scene and thus inform the model.

New in V.3 : 
> Comes with an installer  > Crossplatform (Mac/windows) > Improved optimisation > new stuff/functions > new icons ;)

What's in EsquisSons ?___

Functions/components :
Listener : Place/Move the listening point in the scene, choose its orientation and size

Geometry : Determine the phonic opacity of a geometry but also its absorption coefficient

Sources : Position the source in the model, determine its size and choose the sound file it will play

Option for sources : Mute a source, manually adjust its volume and choose the degree of shuffle!

Built-in Sound : New simpler interface in the form of a list to access the built-in sounds. (more built-in sounds)

Main Engine : Optimized component (faster), you can lock the sources, enable or disable reverb, and choose between an indoor or outdoor sketch. The component returns, in addition to the sound, a visualization in the form of rays as well as the reverberation time per source and the amount of reverberation (mix) per source. 

Visualize Rays : You can choose how many rays are visible, at what distance from the source and the number of bounces you want to see !

F4R link :

Github :

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The new version (v3.0.1) available on F4R solves the problem:

"Solution exception: Local variable 'RT_bySource' referenced before assignment." 

For the moment it is a replacement of the compiled Main_engine component by its little brother (originally written for MACs) : an User_Object. I have therefore updated the installer, as well as the installation path of EsquisSons on windows. It will now be installed in the "Libraries" directory of grasshopper for less mess on your computer. The launcher has also been updated to get "Esquissons.exe" from the right place.

Forum de discussion

Unable to simulate multiple sounds at the same time 4 réponses

Hi Theo,I have modelled up a simple site with some sounds in different locations. In the attached files I am trying play the 'Urban' and 'Birds' sounds, however when I go to simulate the sounds in…Continuer

Démarrée par Adam Hannouch. Dernière réponse de Adam Hannouch 3 janv. 2021.

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Commentaire de Felipe Pecegueiro do A. Curado le 18 novembre 2022 à 3:47

Hi Theo,

I have tried Esquissons and I couldn't reach any result. I believe to be connectiong the cmponents correctly, but I cannot visualize rays. THe component is orange and has an error message sying: "1. No ray, please be sure Geometries are connected to main engine and placed to create reflections

2. Change parameters to generate rays"

I have made the parameters small or large, all the other components generate output. I really believe it is correctly connected. Would you know what could be going wrong? Thanks

Commentaire de Olivier Pasquet le 12 mai 2020 à 10:29


Thank you for this great work. It seems super great...

EsquisSons "Main Engine" gives me the following error:

BRep object is not subscriptable"

- Does "Main Engine" take BRep as geometry input or something else ?

- Do you have a simple running gh example without necessarily the Max patch by any chance ?

Thanks !!


Commentaire de Petros F. le 9 mai 2020 à 12:34

Hi Theo,

once again thanks for your detailed answers. Referring to the visualise rays problem that I mentioned before, giving me the following error :No ray, please be sure Geometries are connected to main engine and placed to create reflections. Been trying adjusting all three parameters (rays, references and tolerance) in different sketches while making sure that the sources are not buried in any geometries with no luck. Let me know if you have any more suggestions

Best Regards

Commentaire de TM le 16 avril 2020 à 2:27

Petros, for your second point, the "Visualize Rays" component has particularly changed since v2 in its operation. It now has 3 input parameters that allow you to choose the characteristics of the rays that you will be able to visualize:

> The first input "Number of rays" allows you to choose the number of rays projected by the sources in all directions.

>The second input "Number of ref" allows to set the number of visible reflections (1 bounce, 2 bounce 3 bounce) before the rays reach the listener.

>The third input "Tolerance" allows to choose at what distance from the listener the rays will be taken into account (0.1: the rays will have to pass very close to the listener to be visible / 1.0: we take into account rays that pass much further than the listening point / The default value is 0.5)

I hope this will solve your problem, if not, it can be interesting to move slightly some sources that are too "buried" under the geometry to visualize their reflections ;)

Commentaire de TM le 16 avril 2020 à 2:16

Hi Petros! Thanks for your message, I'll look at your first problem, what exactly do you mean by «  geometries are multiple breps including surfaces, polysarfaces and extrusions? ». If all these objects are connected to the same built-environment component, this could be the source of the problem and I advise you to separate them, one type per component. Also check that the "geometry" output is flattened (it should be by default).

Commentaire de Petros F. le 15 avril 2020 à 16:28

Hi Theo,

Thanks again for the V3,

Indeed the « Main Engine_UE »  fixed the bug.

I have the following two questions

Number one

I am getting one error at the « Main Engine_UE »  __1. Solution exception: Could not convert None to a list of points when I am connecting data wires to the engine. Is it possible due to the fact that geometries are multiple breps including surfaces, polysarfaces and extrusions? Also, I am having a partial audio output though the mixer that makes it even weirder.  

and two,

if not using data wires in the « Main Engine_UE »  the engine will run but the "visualize reflections" will give me the following two errors  "1. No ray, please be sure Geometries are connected to main engine and placed to create reflections" and "2. Change parameters to generate more rays."

I do not remember coming across those two at the V2,

Thank you in advance

Commentaire de TM le 15 avril 2020 à 1:18

Hello everyone, a short message to tell you about a bug you spotted

"Solution exception: Local variable 'RT_bySource' referenced before assignment."

the temporary solution is here (thank you Adam)
I'll post a patch as soon as I can.


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