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I really love Elefront and have been using it a lot. Up until now I am using Elefront Lite 1.1.0.

One thing I do ALL the time is use the bake component to enable a preview layer with the baked geometry that automatically updates by attaching a toggle to the Bake input. Even with the custom preview in GH you cant use all the view modes like Ghosted and Rendered, so I use this.

What I noticed after switching to Elefront 3.0 is that it doesn't bake the material any longer, or maybe its expecting a different format now (it has those square brackets in front of the Material port that I have never seen).

Before (Elefront 1.1.0):

After (Elefront 3.0):

It actually appears that it is creating the material, but just not applying it to the geometry in Rhino.

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Armin.

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Hi Armin.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It seems like a bug.
We actually never use materials when baking, so that's why we haven't noticed this bug yet.

I will try to find a moment to fix it.

Thanks Ramon, it would be great if it gets fixed. Its great to dynamically color elements that get baked or for the baked preview that we use! For visualizing data on the geometry itself I would even say its essential to be able to bake the color.

Also, is there a tutorial on how to use the hatch? For the life of me I cant figure out how to use it and I never see any result when I bake some planar closed curves with the hatch component just before the bake component.

Hi Armin, Ramon, 

Did you manage to work this one out in the end? 







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