algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here is a definition containing a cluster to create a Gaussian display mode.  Does anyone use specific values in Gaussian to display if a surface is developable?

Attached is the definition to download.

The Scale of the CG Range is the trick to getting a range that makes sense.

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From my experience (sailcraft construction), 10^-7 mm^-2 is a good order of magnitude. But in practice the minimum radius is the critical aspect, as long as gaussian curvature stays small.

Thanks for sharing!



Do you think the measure of twist angle across a ruling has any practical application?

It's scale dependent, of course, but it feels a little more understandable than gaussian curvature to me.  I don't know how to apply it in practice though.


Twist and min radius are more or less the same thing.

Min radius depends on the material's yield strength and the plank's thickness, for instance a 12mm plywood would allow a little more than 2m radius as minimum. If your surface shows less than that value, you will need too much effort to bend the plank in position.

So it's the most tangible way of evaluating effective developability. 

Hello Fred, i would be really interest to understand a bit better how to rely gaussian curvature, and min radius.

thanks !






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