algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hopefully this is not such a time consuming ghoffee question, but it also acts as a precursor to another one down the line.

Solutions to be classed by either:

  • Native components only (no scripts or Expressions, trivial I/O <expressions> allowed)
  • Use of Plug-ins
  • Code - either VB.NET, C# or Python

Winner announced this time tomorrow (0830 GMT)

I have to bail now. Tomorrow is Saturday so I won't be able to upload the file then, so if you promise not to cheat and still want to have a go, don't look...

P R E L I M I N A R Y    W I N N E R S


Native: Ángel

Plug-ins: Technically as python is a plug-in still, the winner is Anders as there were no other runners (Yet)

Scripting: Anders gets a Special mention for bringing my attention to bin(x) in python but the award goes to David




[Image will be posted Monday]

File below

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Here's a Python version :)

Edit: Just noticed that my version has six zeros and yours only has five. Just tried this converter and it seems to agree with the former. Perhaps I misunderstood the task?


C#...I also am seeing 6 zeros for 8128 :)


After Dave called me out for cheating yesterday (we sit right across from each other) I had to give it a another quick Python stab. No fancy pants module import in this one :D

Could I propose in scripting solutions to upload the exported *.py file too? It makes it easier when you are not in your computer to take a look at the code.

Good idea. Attached the file.


haiiku code. whoa. Only always ;)

Amazing grasshopper

Eligant in its execution

Simple in its style


Yes, spot the deliberate mistake to make sure you were on form :)

Corrected now

My native component solution...the scripting way looks too simple with some iteration and module calculations :P I've use some parameters to convert values instead of using expressions, so those could be easily simplified but I wanted to stick to the rules as much as possible. Mmmm...I'm going to try to simplify it a little bit more...

Hey, I forgot the GH file. I blurred the capture to let the people think a little bit more about the problem...anyway, the file attached has the solution :)


awesome! super elegant.






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