algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Given the attached unordered pointset:

Find the 20 bounding boxes that enclose each small cluster of points. Clusters are different sizes and may contain different numbers of points. 

Native components only. Shortest solution wins, with bonus points for elegance. 

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oh, and of course, the point set:


Probably not an efficient way of doing it but I used 3 components + 2 sliders


Pretty clever actually! Hadn't occurred to me to do it that way - you used a lot fewer components than I did. But that solid union is awfully clunky... I'd like to see an approach that actually passes the points in an already-appropriate tree structure to the bounding box component.

Yeah like I said, not too efficient.  I'm sure there is a cleaner way of doing it. 

Well Marshall you are our winner! I'll post my solution early tomorrow; I'm away from my computer at the moment.

Argh I am too late !

(Didnt find a decent way to automatically calculate G and R+, Galapagos perhaps ?)

not sure if anyone is still interested, but this is my solution

What is the component like two cells? 

I found that its name is point groups. It's also very useful.






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