algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Thanks for this amazing tool! It's allowed me to create an animation of a 4D rotation script made by Daniel Piker for virtual reality. However, one problem is keeping me from the final piece:

1) When the animation runs in MAX, it sort of "pulses," I think this problem is similar to Gabriele 333's issue of  scaling. By this I mean it looks like each frame is constantly being scaled to [0,0,0], resulting in the animation being very choppy and moving in-and-out quickly. 

--A couple notes--the model seems okay when clicking frame-by-frame, its only when the animation plays that it goes in-and-out. Also, is this something that only happens in the MAX animation player. For example, if I export it and hand it off to a friend (to put into Unity) would the animation be seamless since the frame-by-frame models are seamless?

I've attached the Grasshopper file and the MAX script. The MAX animation is too big to attach, but I can send that through email if necessary. 

I'm using Rhino 5 revision number 1, Grasshopper 0.9.0076, and MAX 2016. 

-- If using an older version of MAX might solve some problems I can uninstall and reinstall.



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Problem found!

Basically what was happening is that to animate the OBJs in Max, they are scaling from zero to 100 in a split second. This scaling causes the model to pulse in the animation, yet look fine frame-by-frame. What is needed it to eliminate the transition between zero and 100, so the model only appears at 100. 

1) Open mini curve editor (see image). You can click and drag this out of Max to make it bigger.

2) First select all of your models/OBJs. Your curve editor window should show scaling for all the models, and look something like what's in the attached image. From here, making sure that the "move keys" icon is selected, select all the top points of the curves. (see image) 

3) While the top points are still selected, click the "set tangents to stepped" icon to eliminate the transition. It should be smooth now!







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