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Hi everyone !

I would like to export an animation done with Grasshopper as an *.fbx file to then import it in Unity. Would someone know how I can to that ?

Thank you very much for your help !


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I could look into adding this feature. Are there particular settings you would like to control when doing so?

This would be awesome, thank you Carson !

I am currently collaborating with someone that is handling the part in Unity, I have asked him the same question, I'll get back to you with more details after having this discussion with him.

But basically, being able to export an animation created with Grasshopper ( through sliders control or Kangaroo ) to an *.fbx file, is what I need. The exact same settings already available to export the *.obj files would be a great start.

Hi Carson,

After discussing it, I think that having the same inputs as the component to export *obj files is what we need. A nice feature could be to be able to compile different animations of the same object in just one *.fbx file.

Do you think this is something you could release soon ? Let me know if I can help in any way!


I too am highly interested in this ability for the purposes of rendering animations in Cinema4d/Maya. Just wanted to add my support in cheering on this endeavor. It's an effective plug-in thus far and I'm very appreciative of your efforts!


Sorry, I have been busy with a new release of Mosquito. Perhaps we could all create a list of features that would allow for seamless integration with C4d/Maya and 3D Studio. Alice C , are you still offering assistance in this? I good do with some help, I just don't have the time to cover the latest features of various formats and what they are now capable of saving with regards to animation features. 

Let me know if anyone is up for this ;)





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