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Lines and surfaces split into line segments or arcs when exporting to dxf

Hi Everyone

Thomas thank you for this awesome plugin.  It's really simple to use! 

I have been putting together a gh definition (attached) based on a tutorial (  

The problem I have is that when I export the baked waffle to a dfx file for machining the lines or surfaces or curves get split into tiny line segments and or arcs. 

This is only a problem when I use the grasshopper definition not when I use the Rhino Bowerbird BBwaffle. 

I've added a join curves command after my make boundary surface command. It didn't help.

I also tried changing my export to DXF into CAM Metric, that didn't work.

I also tried export surfaces as solids. That didn't help.  

Any ideas or is my definition just wrong? 


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Hi Sean,

I brought your DXF into AutoCAD and joined the geometry using the JOIN command. I then saved as to an ACAD 2004 DXF file that's attached for your use. The ribs are all closed polylines in AutoCAD and should be the same in Rhino.

I hope this helps!




Thanks so much. I really appreciate that you took the time to do that. 

So apparently there is also an export to Auto CAD 2004 polyline option. 

If that doesn't work I'm sure my laser cutting guys will be able to just do as you have described. 

Much appreciated. 

You're most welcome. Good luck with your project!

Here's a waffle structure I did recently:


Amazing Ferrari!!  Awesome I'm definitally going to share that on LinkedIn! 

Thanks, Sean.


Thanks, Thomas.

Hi Sean!

It's nice to hear that my plugin is still usefull :)

Apply the JOIN to the curves and not to the surfaces. Then it should work!



HI Thomas 

It's an awesome plugin. 

The "join curves" at the end didn't work but I think I have figured it out. 

The output should just be a curve, not a Brep. So I just bake the curves and then it sorts out most of the hassle. 

Yes you are right! When you export the Brep surfaces as a DXF only the contour lines are exported (with the default settings) and the lines are exploded. That why it is important to use the curves and not the surfaces. The curve join works but the curves are already joined.

Good luck!

So if anyone wants a final working waffle definition. This will take you from Brep to CNC cutting curves.  It also has an option of outputting the model for pre-visualisation with material thickness extrusions. Thanks, Mark and Thomas!

Thanks, Sean.

I followed you on LinkedIn and checked out your website. Nice work!





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