algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Discussion deleted, GHA didn't work !

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An exemple of YANG 

It's useful, you did a great job


Hi Laurent, congratulations and thanks for this great contribution!!
Is Yang working on MacOS? Thanks


I don't know if it works on macos. It is Not compiled so it limits the potential problems

Hi Laurent, I can test it smoothly in rhino5GH, but there is no way to do it in rhino6GH, because I don't understand C# is this reasonable? I can do the following work for your reasons, it seems very impressive.

I will try to give a look in Rhino 6 and change the script.

Nice work Peter

I have no problem on Rhino 6. If you have some problem use Discourse and post screen copy ...

hey where can i get the latest build and the component?


It is on this page.  October 10, 2016 

Can you repost? Its no longer there.

It is there, I can see it ! 

You need glasses :-) 






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