algorithmic modeling for Rhino

It's just not the same without them :'(

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I agree

If I were stuck in a definition, lolcats always made me smiling.....


apparently Doge is the new LOLcat

Unfortunately the ICanHasCheezburger people have changed the urls for all images which means that the 2600+ cached urls became invalid overnight.

If you're willing to dig through 5 years of old lolcat pages and collect new image urls, I'll put the component back in. However I do think they stopped making funny ones about 2 years ago.


David Rutten

However I do think they stopped making funny ones have seen so many that they stopped being funny to me about 2 years ago.

Corrected it for you.

These days I just watch this for fun:


David Rutten

Thanks David! That is pretty funny especially at 3:48:56.

It might seem as a radical change in taste but I have evidence that it slowly evolved over time. Here is one transitional stage:

It's running on the edge of the Internets.






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