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WISH: Detaching a plugged wire to reconnect it to another input.

It would nice if one could press a specific key and click on an input in order to detach a wire and reconnect it to another input. There might also be a tab saying reconnect below disconnect? I hope this makes sense and that someone else finds it useful. wdyt?

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Hey Arthur, not sure if this is what you want to do but did you try to hold Ctrl+Shift while reattaching wires from one in/output to another ?

Oh perfect! Thanks a lot Adam :)

There is, so far I know, the ctrl-shift combination for this task. But this moves all of the wires that come into a input. I do not know if there is anything if you want to move only one specific wire out of many.

Hm. Adam was faster...

Thanks Hrvoje,  ctrl+shift worked well!

Is there a way to do ctrl+shift+'another key' to copy the wire when reconnecting it instead of detaching the original one? That would be very useful too.


It should be Ctrl+Shift+Drag and then RightMouseClick to create a copy. It works for regular drags but not ctrl+shift drags, I'll try and add that feature for the next release.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Brilliant! Thanks a lot David.

Sorry to dig out this old thread I googled up, but how is your thinking on adding the copy functionality to ctrl+shift drags?

It would be nice if this could work backwards as well. I am working on a pretty large definition right now where I sometimes create geometry that then needs to be added to a component far away near the end of the definition. Say I already have this end component connected somewhere near to where I'm working, it would be nice If I could copy that wire (or wires with ctrl+shift) to the output box of my new geometry.

Ctrl+Shift Drag tap RMB still doesn't work.

What I do for large distances is to copy the component with all the wires connected at location A navigate the Canvas to Location B and use Ctrl+Shit+V to insert the copied component at the middle of the screen. Then I use Ctrl+Shift Drag to hook up the wires to the intended component and delete the copied one.

Yeah, I do that, too.






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