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Hi Peter,

If a project participant is producing 600+ necessary drawings, describing the interaction as BIM could be expressed to be an exaggeration.  Presently there is still a huge requirement of drawings due to contracts and processes from traditional construction and management approaches.  Specifications and links can be assigned to BIM objects.

There are trail blazing clients, builders and designers forging into BIM, and hopefully this becomes more the norm.

It's certainly possible to generate BIM in Rhino/Grasshopper (particularly with 3rd party developments), without necessarily involving external software such as AECOSIM and Revit, although at the present it's more likely the model is channeled through applications like these.

On the topic of Dynamo, I personally am yet to see tasks I would choose to do there rather than Grasshopper (aside from deploying to Revit users the means to audit or manage revit models in a more transparent manner than the API).  I'm openly biased though and certainly for users not presently using Rhino there is a convenience to staying within Autodesk software.

Hi Jon

Well ... by "BIM" actually I mean meta data management within the broad sense (M should stand for management instead of Modeling). But "BIM" is only a part of the story.

Given the opportunity my apps in use in descending order of importance are:

ProjectWise (who did/said what/when and why): If this fails no need for further talking.

ARCOM MasterSpec/SpecText (you can do something without drawings but not without specs/articles). If this fails ... see above.

Detail management (Where are 100++K 1:1 drawings/models? you tell me). Think of it as a guideline for the next project. If this fails be prepared to reinvent the wheel.

AECOSim and Bentley verticals. If this fails go buy lot's of vellum paper and some Rapidograph.  

Catia/SiemensNX. If this fails forget "tricky"/WOW bits and parts: simplify the solution (or use Microstation feature driven modeling [good luck, wish you the best]).

Generative Components. If this fails why bother? Do the thing the old classic manual way.






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