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I am trying to use shortestwalk in the rabbit mesh and piping all paths with cacoon. But several paths can not get piped. How can it get all the paths piped? 


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I'm a fan of the Rabbit. But I could not find an answer for you either.
I'm also not a fan of having to wait endlessly for GH to create the geometry,
I'm also not a fan of not being able to exit gracefully from a GH script without completely starting over with a new Rhino/GH session.

Making any changed in this GH, is also very time consuming, even from a learning point of view. Its particularly exasperating to see GH chewing thru memory as if all you nothing more to do, then order more memory.

Once GH has chewed thru all your memory there is no warning in either GH or Rhino what you an expect next you could literally sit at your computer till the next earthquake arrives, which at times could be seen as a welcome relief, as opposed to waiting for GH or Godot. :)






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