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What is the best orientation of buildings in hot and humid countries?

Hi,guys!I am dealing with my final year project and need to design the best orientation of buildings using grasshopper..anyone can help me??Thanks for ur help guys!

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Definitely facing the pool.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

hi david,i m sorry tat my ques mislead u.erm,i mean how should i orientate my buildings in terms of the direction it should face to reduce the solar effect?and do u have any grasshopper's code for creating building to share with me since i m still a newbie to grasshopper =)

Hi Michelle,

the biggest energy cost in most modern buildings is cooling, not heating. So you need to find ways to minimize the amount of energy coming from the sun. Grasshopper itself does not have any specific tools for this, however the Geco plugin (Grasshopper EcoTect) I think may provide what you need. 


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

thanks david.i will try the software u recommended =)

can someone do some daylight savings time analysis in grasshopper and lobby to get rid of the stupid thing?  ;-)

i know i m stupid=(

Daylight savings exists around the world, not only in America. After US government mandated it, many other governments also joined the War on Darkness, just like they joined the War on Drugs, War on Terror and so on.

Hugo Chavez went as far as to change the time by 30 min. instead of an hour. But, you see, we would all be living in the dark without our wise overlords.

I thought most countries had abandoned this nonsense already?  Maybe I just dreamed it...

There's a map in wikipedia of places where it's still in use. Most of the northern hemisphere countries still use it.


I find it interesting most of people critical of this come from NA. Must the anti-government sentiment that can't be found in europe.

Nope, and in Britain there is always talk about not going back to GMT one year but still add an hour the next summer. So instead of GMT and BST we would have GMT+1 and GMT+2. 

Anyhow, no one said you were stupid ;)

And "Honey" isn't condescending at all either....


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Oops, my bad.

Didn't realize I had typed that. Multitasking over here...

Thanks for calling me on it though! ;)

Should definitely re-read before I post






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