algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I am looking to create a similar system to that used by Nervous System to be able to view, modify and store my Grasshopper 3D models on a server so I can access them in a browser on any device.

I know Chris Chalmers was working on this but since his Kickstarter campaign for Chrysalis did not take off I have not seen any alternatives.

Does anyone know a way to load and customize GH models in a browser?



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I tried the shape driver, it is really interesting, we can interact with the parameters of the model, and more simple to use than speckle, plus more parameters to interact with, speckle is limited in the nb of parameters to interact.

Promising tool

That's a great article, thanks.
These plug-ins overall work very well.

Flood even outputs STL files - it opens up a lot of possibilities for designers.

The next step is integration with third-party manufacturing companies.

Exporting any geometry files, or even DXF or PDF files from the viewer will soon be possible in ShapeDiver. I'll keep you updated on this Discussion when we have the feature ready.

We are also already working with companies on implementing a seamless workflow between the web browser and manufacturing (cnc wood cutting and 3d printing for now). More about that when we complete those projects as well, but if you already want to talk about one of your own, let me know.






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