algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello there,  I’m working on some new ideas for some flatpack slotted structures made of glass for an exhibition in National glass centre sunderland in October.

Parts are going to be waterjet cut from rolled sheet glass hand made furnace glass, at around 8mm thick, these will then be ground to more precise dimensions and then the parts assembled and temporarily glued using special low carbon glue. The assembled object is then going to be invested in very fine and loose refractory powder and then pressed down into place to keep the glass parts firmly in location as the whole sheboodle is cooked at around 800 celcius for a few hours,  after some annealing etc etc I hope to have a viable one piece structure, that can then be finished,  Phew,  thanks for reading,

I’m no grasshopper guru, or rhino expert, (I know about glass), but i really need some help in working out where I’m going wrong,  in the attached def, there seems to be a data stream matching issue, (maybe) the closest points component at the very top as its laid out seems to have a lot to do with the problem,  I’ve flattened both inputs, and the resultant angles of the circle parts are perpendicular to the faces of the adjacent parts (correct for slotting), however there are twice as many parts in the data stream as id like with the params as they are set its 128 so i get co-incident circles, and solids. If I unflatten, then I get a different and incorrect set of angles even thought the points have not changed.

this is problem number one, I need to work out the slotting methods soon.  anyway if someone could have a quick look and cast an expert eye on my ramblings id be very grateful. 

many thanks

Colin Rennie

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I tried to modify it again in a different way. Not sure how it works better than the previous one.

Have a look at the attached. Best.

Hi hyungsoo amazing work. Sorry it's taken me a while to reply. I'm going ton have a work through tonight to see if I can understand the way you managed the logic here. Lots of components that I've never used before so great to have help from such and expert. Huge thanks. I would like to credit you in a vlog I'm making about the work. Would that be ok? If so how would you like me to do that. Many thanks Colin

Did you make this in the end? How did it turn out?






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