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Hi, I have some trouble in using Wallacei X and GH_CPython plug-in for Grasshopper.
When I run the Wallacei X interface, the GH_CPython become red and show this warning:
" 1. Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\GH_CPython\", line 1, in <module>
exec('abs_coefficients = None\ns = [0,013] \nd = [0,23] \n\nclass fileInfo:\n def __init__(self):\n self.filePath = "E:/Download/Wallacei-GH_CPython"\n self.fileName = "Wallacei-GH_CPython problem"\nghenv = fileInfo()\n\n\n')
File "<string>", line 2
s = [0,013] 
SyntaxError: invalid token"
It's curious as:
- the same warning occur for the others GH_CPython component although they are not connected with Wallacei X,
- if I recompute the GH canvas, with the same genomes slider values, all it is ok,
- if I use Octopus or Galapagos, no problems occur.
Is this a bug or my problem?

For clarity, I've tried with a simple test that I have attached, and it's the same.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you in advance,


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after further tests, I noticed that the problem does not occur if the genome slider value are integers, but I need to use it with decimal numbers. My master project is full of decimal numbers (float). Below, an example of what happens when Wallacei X starts. Very strange!

We are still searching for the solution, but based on your description(integer and decimal differences), I suspect it was caused by the gh_cpython plugin itself. Can you try changing the region -> number format to UK or US and let us know how it performs?



hi Tao, what should i do exactly? could also be a gh_cpython plug-in problem, with other optimizers (galapagos, octopus )everything is ok ... how can it be explained?

Now the problem also occurs with integers.






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