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Voronoi 3D Diagram to fit to twisting lofted surface. Please Help!

Im recreating the Jellyfish House for uni.

I have modelled the form using Interpolate Curve > Loft. 

I am now trying to use the voronoi diagram (which the architect specified) to create the skin. 

I have used Populate Geometry to generate points on the surfaces. 

When I plug in the square sections (modelled separately to twisting sections) to the Vononoi 3D component it works, producing the standard Voronoi shapes on all 4 sides. 

However when I plug in the lofted twisting surfaces it generates a box around the surface and creates Voronoi shapes projecting perpendicular to the lofted surface outward to the confines of the box. 

How do I make the voronoi component map onto the surface?

I tried using the Proximity 3D component and it successfully mapped onto the surface. 

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