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Visualizing item numbers like point list numbers?


Is there a way to visualize the numbering of face elements or line elements just like you can visualize point numbering, using the "point list" module?

When using the "list item" module, I'm selecting an element according to some number...  there's gotta be a way to see that number live in the rhino screen... no? :)

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That works!

Thanks Mario!

(Maybe a little component for this should be introduced in the next version of GH...)

you can always use a cluster

I guess a cluster would work too.  I'm figuring out my first steps in how those things work now. :)

Playing around with it. I believe the series should start at 1 for it to be correct, right?  


that´s exactly what i did, look at the panel

Sorry - I miss spelled before...  I meant it should start at 0. 

If I connect a "list item" to the SubSrf,  for it to read out the same numbers as I'm listing them, it aligns correctly when I set it to 0.

(Maybe it depends on the type of surface being divided?)

no, simply disconnect the panel from the S imput (series)

point list

I guess this works too.  thanks. 






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