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I am working on a project that I want to analysis the views towards an object and its surrounding environment. I have set the camera in horster, and I want to have a 2d of what is shown in the viewport camera. Then I reuse those 2d curve and line data of the view and do some analysis of area percentage calculations in grasshopper again.


I have a difficulty in projecting or transforming the viewport into 2d curves data which I want to re-input into gh for analysis. Is there any idea?


(For example, I have a lot of houses sit besides the sea. I want to have several different cameras viewing from the house to the sea. By calculating how much area of the sea is being seen by the different camera, I can conclude to a solution of which house has a better sea view.)

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If you didn't have to have it in 3D you could use [IsoVist].

Alternatively I have an idea for projecting the data onto a camera plan but I haven't tried it yet.


Here with explanation




Thanks. But I wonder is there a 3d version of the isovist? I think It would be really helpful.

Hi Kenneth,


have a look on this link.

Andrew Heumann created some time ago a 3D isovist version for Grasshopper.




Hi Martin,

This is good. I find a lot other useful resources there. Thanks!



Sorry to mention that I wish it to be in 3D. I have made a script but I dunno if I have the same idea as yours. By using horster, I make a plane that is always facing the camera and project whatever between the camera and the plane onto the plane. However, I got some problem with the projection which it cant help me calculate the area projected correctly. And I cannot get the projection to be correct at some position. Hope you may take a look of it.

For reference







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