algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Check it out... a few of us participated in a Vasari Talk yesterday to discuss solutions for Rhino/Grasshopper and Revit/Vasari interoperability.  It was a great group!


Topics covered:

  • GeometryGym IFC (presented by Jon Mirtschin)
  • Chameleon (presented by Hiroshi Jacobs)
  • Hummingbird (presented by Tim Meador)
  • OpenNURBS Importer (presented by Me :)


The videos are now posted on YouTube if you missed it!

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I also try some! Ha HA!

GeometryGym IFC




I just wanted to clarify the apps discussed as everything went by so quickly - could someone reply and let me know that the following info is correct so I can add these to our lab image?

  • Geometry Gym
    • structDrawRhino 0.9 for Grasshopper 0.9 (not part of the IFC kit)
    • ssiIFC 0.6 for Grasshopper 0.9
    • ggRevitIFC2013 0.1 for Revit 2013
    • ggVasariIFC 0.1 for Vasari Beta 1
  • Chameleon
    • ChameleonGH for Grasshopper 0.9
    • Chameleon Installer for Revit 2013
  • Hummingbird
    • This is just a Grasshopper add-in with no Revit/Vasari plug-ins, correct?
    • Current version which supports curves is available through CASE Apps Manager for Revit - surface / BRep support coming in October Beta release with Pro release scheduled sometime in the not too distant future



i think hummingbird need Whitefeet ModelBuilder plugin (2012 or 2013) to read the Excel file and create the geometry in Revit.

Ah yes that sounds familiar. Thanks Manuel!





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