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Hello everyone,

some years have passed since I last started a thread on this forum out of my free will.
Sure, I am always glad to help and reply on behalf of McNeel but this time it is me asking you -- maybe someone here knows. This brings back fond memories of the beginning of this forum, when I was not yet working for McNeel and busy experimenting and writing WeaverBird. It is now over three years ago.

So, I am considering writing a short article on a magazine about this tool and I am looking for anyone who used WeaverBird on a project that has concreted itself. There are no requirements for the project. It does not need to be large or expensive to be interesting, but it would be better if it was built.

If you worked on a project like this, or know someone who did, I would be grateful to hear about it. The publication would certainly mention your work and your name as well. If you prefer, please feel free to send an email to my personal email address (mail at or send a private message.


Giulio Piacentino

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Looking in our projects that were made in GH, I don't recall the final product to be using WB for its final design, but I can tell you for sure, that WB is a constant tool for our experimentations. just to let you know, that even if WB wasn't used in a final project, there must be a lot of architects/designers whom extensively use WB in the design process..... thank you for this great tool.

Hi Giulio,

I used Weaverbird at the very beginning of this project. Based on a collection of input points, I used the delaunay mesh tool in GH to first make a basic low-poly mesh. Then, using WB I increased the mesh count so that there would be a higher number of springs for simulation in Kangaroo.

So it's a 'Kangaroo & Weaverbird' type of project. Very nice to hear.


We used Weaverbird in the Workshop at the ACSA conference.  It was conducted at Objet's offices and featured the use of their 3D printers.

Thanks for showing this! Very interesting.


   I am just saying thanks for Weaverbird. I started a discussion that shows some physical examples using various subdivsion strategies using Weaverbird. Weaverbird is essential to mesh manipulation in GH. With a little bit of exploration it exponentially increases the types of 2-d and 3-d patterns you can make and then you start to actually think with these mathematical concepts like loop and catmull clarke and it's just so great. 

I use weaverbird to model Mothra style kites. I'm plan to build one this summer... it's a bit of reverse engineering however (slightly boring) of an airborne wind energy device (hugely cool)

See some examples on

However ... today I am getting this message from weaverbird components... 1. NeedToUpdateException - Weaverbird needs to be updated.
Please visit and contact the author.

Any ideas? Is it to do with the update to grasshopper 0.9.0056?

Hi Rodeick, yes, if you update Grasshopper there's a high chance that you need to update Weaverbird. Wb 0.7.50 was released to be compatible with the version you mention.

I hope this helps


Giulio Piacentino
Weaverbird development





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