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URGENT!!!!!how to solve the intersection between curve and brep?

how to solve the intersection between curve and brep?

i create many curves, but a part of curves pass through the brep and intersect with brep.
But, i don't wanna see those curves which pass through the brep and intersect with brep and is shown in green color.

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I don't have the plug-in you used in the original script, but you can use a "Collision One | Many" component to test for collisions for a single object. It will return True/False Boolean. Things that collide are True. Things that do not collide are false. This Boolean pattern is sent through a dispatch. Use the "B" output to select only the lines that are not colliding. Keep in mind this will shorten your original list, and the indices for the lines will change from the original list. 

An example which uses some of the same components you used in your script is provided. 

dear  Kevin Boutte 
i am grasshopper beginner and not good at this
how to do it if i dont wanna see the collisions of curve?

right-click "dispatch" and turn preview off. GH works like "photoshop" in that it builds up a series of layers. It outputs geometry to the workspace, after every component. To view the most recent geometric visualization, simply preview off the components that precede the last component. I recommend you turn off what you don't need, as if you do not, it will slow down your computer as you make longer definitions. 





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