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Unsuccessful in making circular pattern based on image contrasts

I'm trying to make a pattern based on the tutorial given here

I want circles to fill in the black areas based upon my image and make a geometrical pattern. Unfortunately, I am not getting the desired results.
I have attached the files for reference.

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you need to reparametrize your surface


change your u and v values higher


You'll have better luck if you post your Grasshopper code here and, separately, the image you are using for the Image Sampler'.

Here are the files that are being used. 


As noted by MARIO, you need to need to reparameterize your surface.  It would also be helpful to internalize your surface in the GH file (or create it with GH).

Then you need to convert the color value output of 'Image Sampler' to a more useful one for radius of the circles.  'Split AHSV' is good for that.

Finally, I changed the 'B' slider from Integer to Real, allowing fractions.


I want circles to fill in the black areas

Or... more specific to your question - multiply the 'A (Alpha)' output by 1 - 'V (Brightness)', and increase the resolution:


Resolution increased further to 120 and code added to filter out circles with zero radius (purple group):


Thanks a lot for helping me out!

How can I do this?

If I increase the circles' radii, the number of circles automatically adjust so that the final output resembles the image?

If you don't want the circles to overlap, you will need to decrease the resolution when you increase the radii.  Higher resolution looks better.  Have fun.






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