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Long time Rhino user, but recent user of Grasshopper.  I have a basic question, but I have a feeling there isn't an easy solution.  I have a very complex ghx written for an architectural project that was using the metric system.  All of the sliders, and numbers are based off of meters.  I am trying to reconfigure this to use for an imperial project here in the US.  Everything is already set up for new users [slide this to increase "X" and slide this to increase "y" and so forth].  It was made so people like me didn't have to get in there and remake everything. 

Question is can I easily switch the units of the file so everything works in ft and in?  Changing the rhino units doesn't seem to effect the ghx.  I basically want the 1m to just work for 1ft, and then I can manually adjust the numbers up to account for the scaling issues.  Like I said the file is pretty dense, so there is basically no way for me to redesign it. 

Thanks for the help!

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Nice, working now!

Cheers and thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Sir. Works like a charm!

Hello All,

Sorry for replying to an old thread, but I have made a few changes to Brian Harms' Arch Dim Converter to suit my needs, and I thought it would be beneficial to everyone to redistribute it back to the Grasshopper community.


  1. Implemented rounding routine so 110.9999 is now 111'-0", e.g.
  2. Implemented option of using F'-I N/D" style or original F'I-N/D" style.
  3. Modified cluster that converts to decimal to accept different variants of Ft-In formatting.
  4. Changed out old/outdated components.

I'd appreciate any comments or bug reports!







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