algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi everybody,

having some problems with the surfaces that i want from my horizontal ribs, after i offset them i can't get the planer surface from my ribs, i think there is some problems with my data trees. 

any help would be appreciated.

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the gh file in attachment 



Check "Red Group". Best.


thank you Hyungsoo, that was really helpful. but i also have another problem with my vertical ribs i can't get them correctly, i've tried to flip curves but it's also not working.....


Marked in red groups are the parts I modified.


Note that from a fabrication perspective, it's difficult to make a waffle lamp as it is now.
Keep in mind that vertical and horizontal members should be Interlocked each other by engaging with notchs.
There are a lot of similar cases in ths forum, so please search.

hi hyungsoo, i've noticed the vertical ribs as you modified and i wanted to change the first plane and the last one direction as you see 

but i get a non-uniform curve after i put the 'Nurbs curve'

how can i get the nice curve....

gh. file


It will be better not to think that your extracted planes will return to their original places by merging.


hi hyungsoo,

excuse me for bothering you,there is another problem with my vertical ribs notches, there's a line across the ribs, and also one of the vertical ribs is not on the right plane ..... it's really confusing 


Most of your mistakes happen because you do not care about data matching.


yes,i know!!.....i am learning grasshopper as a hobby and i really want to learn it but i'm getting confused when it comes to data matching....

thank you for your precious help.






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