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Problem with Sweep2 component. Please refer to (2) attached files. Results in jpeg.

If I bake Inner Sweep Profile, Inner Sweep Rail 1 and Inner Sweep Rail 2 (Green color groups in Grasshopper file), then use Sweep 2 Rails in Rhino 5, I get the expected results.

If I bake directly from Grasshopper with the Sweep2 (Swp2) component using the same profile and rails, I get what appears as a 1-rail sweep that rotates the profile 180 degrees at rail midpoint.

BTW: If you're questioning my process - I'm doing it this way because Offset surface and ScaleNU didn't produce what I needed.

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For the Inner Sweep Rail 1 object, disconnect all vertices and then reconnect them from the top one to the bottom one. The order in which you connect the vertices determines the "direction" of the curve, and this has a major effect on the resulting sweep.

Thank you Birk.  Makes sense now.  I appreciate your response.






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