algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This is a file for placing random mesh tiles on a plane and revolving them. There were used to generate bells and vases. Perhaps it was doable with Panelling tools ?

For generating shapes you need :

  1. A mesh for the bottom 
  2. A mesh for the top  
  3. Meshes Tiles (as many as you want)

A curve on YZ plane wich will be revolved around z

All shapes and tiles must be same width

All tiles must be same width and height. Thickness can change but interface between meshes must stay similar.

As it is quite long to calculate don't be hasty !

I think mesh could be closed (printable ?)

An example of a vase with  all the patterns  of David Mans is included.

Here a picture with just one tiles (1 to 6)

To do :

I think I must add something to keep shape of tiles near the original shape (a circle is a circle and not an oval)

I must not work on distance on curve, it is too long to calculate. An interpolation must be enough. 

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Thanks for sharing!

Laurent, you are GREAT.....


Hey @Laurent DELRIEU

Thanks for the inspiration, here you can see how I change a bit the code, making it, in my opinion, easier. I would appreciate some feedback, thx. 


this forum is dead. It is better to use

Yes you definition seems more simple. 






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