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Hi I try to find simple solution for trimming walls with windows (substructing window from wall)

I looked at forum and try many solutions but it does not work.

It worked on  0.90014 with solid intersection but it does not work any more on new version. I tried split brep but no success...I am trying to get a wall with penetration,

Any help would be appreciated


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I belive this is very close..however I got wrong shape see images results got opening there are not window shape

Weird! Can you share your file here? In the meanwhile, here is mine.


Thanks for all are my files R5 and R4 grasshopper 0.56

I am thinking about rebuilding all this in grasshoper but this will take me some time..especially this equally spaced windows...

I tested your solution but whenever I change slide in my example results changes so sometime I can see more or less hmmm...


The problem seems to have been that the windows and walls were not in the same plane, so the intersection didn't yield the desired results.

So I first dispatched the windows to the respective walls, and then pulled the window edge curves to the wall. Using these edges, I was able to split the wall.

[I preferred the split surface component over solid trim/difference/etc , since both wall and windows are made of surfaces]. Also attaching the file here. 



I want to say huge THANK YOU I can move to simulations now...






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