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Hi I try to find simple solution for trimming walls with windows (substructing window from wall)

I looked at forum and try many solutions but it does not work.

It worked on  0.90014 with solid intersection but it does not work any more on new version. I tried split brep but no success...I am trying to get a wall with penetration,

Any help would be appreciated


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Hi Michal,

I am not able to open your definition correctly, as you seem to use newer grasshopper version than me.
But from components that were left after opening it, it seems you are trying to trip few planar surfaces (walls) with other planar surfaces (windows) using Trim Solid component (which requires solids).
Try using the Surface split instead.

I tried using surface split but I can not get what I need. It seems to cut with windows from all directions.

Is there any way you could save your file as 0.90014 version?
Sorry for disturbance.

I could not save as 0.14 but I am sending a Rhino file

I hope this will be fine...



Try this.

Could you please save the Rhino .3dm files as Rhino 4 too, in future?
Thank you.



sorry next time will send as R4.

I can not replicated this on my model. How did you select surfaces? when I do it I got this...

I though you are going to use the .3dm file I attached file as an input for the windows and walls?
If that is not so, I can't help you, as I do not have version 0.90054 installed.

I got windows slider as % of wall and number and size changes with slider that is why I need to have this working for all cases. 

Thanks for you help anyway...what a shamed that solid intersection does not work was so simple solution back there in 0.90014 version.

A possible solution, though I feel that it should be way easier than what I did!

Thanks for your suggestion. It looks interesting but I can not make it to work.

I guess there is some problem maybe with surface order? this what I can see at intersection stage.

Odd, I don't know why that didn't work. I found a slightly better solution than the earlier one.


And you are right, there seems to be some relation with the ordering of the surfaces, the solid trim seems to be almost working when I put them in the right graft.

I am still trying to figure out how this works...






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