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I'm trying to write a set of custom components, in C#, that will allow someone to control grasshopper through a MIDI controler. For example I have a Korg Nano Kontrol:


I was able to get a prototype of controlling Grasshopper with MIDI working earlier, but honestly what I had setup was kind of a hack. So now I'm trying to create a set of true custom Midi Controller components that would be easy for someone to reuse.

However, I'm stuck trying to figure out how I can trigger the solution to recalculate. I'm able to get values to change when I rotate a knob, but the changes aren't apparent in Grasshopper or the model until I manually click the rebuild button.


GH_Document.NewSolution() or GH_Document.ScheduleSolution() appear to be what I need to call, but I'm also not sure how I can even get a reference to the current GH_Document?








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Here's my code.

It's been almost 7 years since I've looked at this, so I doubt I can be much more help. I never did get anywhere with the continuous update problem.

- Eric Anastas

I am also trying to find out how to do this? If you have figured it out please let me know as I have an event coming up soon that I need it for.





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