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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a good and easy way to transfer, geometry between GH scripts. With data like numbers and strings it is fairly easy, you can just write a .txt or an excel file and the load it back into another script. Is there any smart way to do that with geometry? Or do I have to bake and save my geometry into a .3dm file?  

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1. use geometry parameter > internalize(-ise) data > copy & paste..


2. share .3dm file and use Geometry Pipeline or Import 3dm components..

3dm file is possible, it's also possible to serialize any data (including geometry) directly through Grasshopper. Can you be more specific about the type of geometry? Or do you need a solution for all possible types?

Yeah, the thought was to find a solution for all types of geometry. I have found a way to do it with Lunchbox ( Where you can save the geometry from GH into a .3dm with a component.

What do you mean by serialize?

Serialization is the act of converting runtime data into storable data (basically text or byte-arrays or database entries). GH relies on this when *.gh files are saved including internalised parameter data, however the GH1 SDK was poorly designed in this respect and it can be difficult depending on the type of data that needs to be stored.

Good news is that if it works, it'll handle both geometric and regular data and it will maintain datatree layout with a minimum of overhead.

There is a plugin called Slingshot! by Natan Miller that may do what you want.






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