algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi guys!

I am a bigginer in grasshoper and try to calculate the heating and cooling demand, the problem is when I double click on toggole nothing is happening. Just one time it worked!!!

I'm really confused, checked youtube, forums,but found nothing!

Approciate if someone helps me!


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You mean the regular toggle? Does it not change state when you double-click, or does it not affect downstream components? Is the computer busy calculating stuff when you double-click?

Thanks for reply!

I can change the state but can't run simulation by double clicking on toggle!

I tried everyhing,restart pc, closed all other programs, tried on other models, :(

maybe if you linked some kind of file (weatherdata or something) to grasshopper you could try to relink the file one more time and than try to toggle again? 






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