algorithmic modeling for Rhino

So there are several ways to divide surfaces in GH; uv grids, projecting shapes onto other shapes etc. 

But say I wanted to create the attached image, and have the cones stem from some type of surface division logic. What would it be? I have no idea!!

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See attached.

BTW: If some culling logic is required ... mastermind some and use it


Using the same Rhino file (for the test brep) try this as well:

If you opt for that it samples the random points (and therefor the cones or whatever thing due to them) into data trees according the BrepFaces found ...  meaning that you can control things far more efficiently (see the preview for instance).


  • If the object is not plane XY Axis dependent (like a cone) make it once and orient it accordingly. If it is you should do something with the planes (this could be very easy or very complex depending on the case and the alignment goals).
  • If the object is complex and the points are many the only efficient way to do that is using Instance Definitions (code is required for that). This could yield real-time response for an astonishing big number of points and/or object complexity.
  • Although TSplines are dead ... use them (and start a petition).  


1) Make a blobby mesh using Cocoon.
2) Refine this using either Cocoons own tools or MeshMachine (from Kangaroo).
3) Generate the cones at each mesh face using its centroid and normal.
4) Also, again, 7B.

I'm not sure the results you get by searching for tiling will be most helpful here.

That image looks more like an example of distribution of points on a surface, which is in some ways an easier challenge, since you don't need to worry about the boundaries of the surface divisions, only their centres. 


Exactly what I am looking for! So out of curiosity, does the distribution logic come from the mesh (points are center of mesh triangles) or is it using kangaroo and physics to distribute the points?

Thanks!! Dope!

sometimes its worthwhile just to take some time and experiment with a posted script,

its amazing what TwoEyes can learn! :)looks like a chicken-pox virus has taken over by gyroid....yikes!






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