algorithmic modeling for Rhino

We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform. 

This forum will be closed to any posts as of 11/22/2017.  The new forum is located at:

Please start to post your questions there now.  We hope the new forum engine will make it easier to get your questions answered.

This old forum will be kept around for reference only after 11-22.

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I am just provoking feedback I want to hear, and yes it should make installation and upgrade much easier. Plus its still very much like a plugin as you say it sits until its discovered or needed. I hope it evolves on the same line it has been.

Hi I can't login ? on ?

How can I login or create a new account on this website ?

is their windows and mac difference ?

THank you

Read the fine print?  "Create a New Account"

Yes it works now.
Thank you Mr Joseph Oster
(Maybe i just was stressed to no have this forum anymore)
Thanks again


Please where do I need to create (website address?) to make a new account for forum ??


mh? This platform teached me, was for a long term my everyday pleasure and everything, the first to check in office! Thank you, thanks to everyone, thank you David!

Sincerely DeDackel alias Johannes Beran

it's Total wrong decision, you regret for this in the future.

Please try to focus in one specific subject like GH, don't mix all together.

These days the "web" community is looking for "specific" or "subject oriented" sites.

Why i have to mix with all the others Rhino users at the comments, question etc?

The only reasons from my point of view is to try to "attract" the Rhino users to GH,

but most of the GH users is more "veterans" from the classic Rhino users,

about the design and the logic methods about the design.

My comments is very positive i don't like to make troubles just i put down the facts.

Its up to you the final decision.

am little bit confused as you Parabolic Design cause it's always difficult to move on when

you get used to something, just a little more search between the topics as their will be no just

rhino for this you are maybe right.

but after all it will be the same logic ? as it is here as forum.

Yes DeDackel alias Johannes Beran never enough thanks to rhino and gh

Why i have to mix with all the others Rhino users at the comments, question etc?

You don't. You can easily make it so that you only see the Grasshopper conversations on the discourse site.

OK, i agree one step to filter the GH conversations,

what about the GH image gallery, videos, groups etc?

Another one step to filter the groups, photos etc?

Is this functional?

Just i express my concerns.






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