algorithmic modeling for Rhino

We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform. 

This forum will be closed to any posts as of 11/22/2017.  The new forum is located at:

Please start to post your questions there now.  We hope the new forum engine will make it easier to get your questions answered.

This old forum will be kept around for reference only after 11-22.

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I do enjoy the feed of images on the side here. I know on Discourse you have the gallery category but it feels more like only finished things belong there whereas the pictures here are often more of a work-in-progress update. Or do you reckon the gallery on discourse can be used in the same manner?

We will be keeping Ning going.  The only thing we are doing is moving the forums.  In fact the discourse will still feed onto the front page of this NING site.  

I absolutely agree to Siemen! I don't see how that platform could provide the same functionality in terms of galleries, groups, etc. plus the pain of searching two locations which we'll have for years..

Can only hope that other user will protest on this incomprehensible idea too!!

I absolutely agree to Siemen/Christian.

The suggested new Forum reminds me what happened when Bentley Systems did a similar switch several years ago: a total disaster, that is (still is).

I totally agree with this.

Might be good/useful to keep these concerns in the same thread:

As it were, if this was Discourse, we could combine these duplicate threads ;)

Lol +1

I tend to stay away from the Rhino forum because it has the look and feel of an early internet relic. It's already too clunky for Rhino and that bare-bones approach certainly is a step backwards for something so visually interactive as Grasshopper. I second all the comments about the necessity of galleries, groups, and profiles.

I for one fully support this. Galleries, etc. are for me much *less* important than proper code formatting, which is something that has kept me away for years now. 

Groups can and potentially should be partially migrated to github (blank repos if you don't want to release code), where you have wikis, projects, releases, proper bug reporting, etc. I could never keep track of what was going on in here. 

Considering the sentiments expressed though, there seems to be a need for a visually rich and interactive side, but then again, if your goal is to get answers and exchange knowledge, discourse is much better. 

It's going to be fun seeing this community dragged kicking and screaming out of puberty. 

Ah and I forgot to mention you'll actually be able to use it on a mobile, which is a real radical, daring and fast adoption to cutting edge web design standards #2017 /snark

Discourse is far superior* when it comes to actually talking with each other, but it does lack a few features Ning has. On the plus-side, the discourse developers are actually really responsive and helpful whereas talking to Ning is an exercise in anger-control-management.

I suspect we will have a talk with discourse devs about adding some sort of gallery system, and if they agree to try it out I think it could be a lot better than what we have now.

* proper formatting, user pinging, proper upvoting, better search, no maximum reply depth, better uploading, much better administrative tools, far less of my time wasted babysitting the sign-up process, ways for McNeel to keep track of handled/unhandled discussions, possibilities to assign a topic to a specific person, more flexible categorisation, faster loading times, good mobile support, more control over the actual database, ability to tie in with McNeel accounts, and on and on and on.

Well discourse is open source, seems like a ruby and handlebars stack. Quite well documented [plugin dev tutorial]( 

Just saying, I am swamped right now, but it would be a nice challenge :)






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