algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all, I'm a really new grasshopper user,

Recently I saw the following GIF on the Internet, and this project is about the optimization of plots. I think to do this have to make some rules(I just try……):

1.Keep area(㎡) in a domain

2.Keep every plot in a fixed length-width ratio

3.Eliminate sharp corners

4.Building orientation(Vector)

But I don't know how to do this by grasshopper……I just a new user……

So thanks for your help!!!

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This seems more like an iterative goal/constraint problem (i.e. solvable with Kangaroo2) than a stochastic search optimisation problem (i.e. solvable with Galapagos). All of your rules might be resolved using combinations of Kangaroo2 goals (i.e. PolygonArea, Length, Angle etc.). 

Thank you for you reply~

I will try~~

Hello Anders,

These days I have learned how to use Kangaroo2 to solve the problem. But I have some trouble with the component "PolygonArea".

This is the file.

Thank you!!!







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